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Puppet Kit Letters

Last December John and his wife got the opportunity to talk about Puppet
Mania and do a presentation to their niece and nephew's elementary school in
Fayetteville, Georgia. Peeples Elementary welcomed them and here are some
of the kind letters that the kids sent in response to their visit.

To: Mr. Kennedy

Thank you for coming to are class. I like your puppets. It was fun playing
with them. Do you still make puppets? Thank you for your autograph.

Love Maddie

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

I really wanted to see your boxing kangaroo puppet. Thank you for coming to
our classroom. You are my favorite puppeter. You did a really good job. I
hope you come back to see us again.


Dear Mrs. Kennedy

I liked the rinning rabbits and the egg and chicken's. Thank you for both
of the stuff. I did like the showe so so so much you and your wife are so


Dear Mr. Kennedy,

thank you for coming to our school. My favorite puppets where the banana
buddies and the running rabbits. I like the puppets you make. I will
probably make one of your puppets.

Your Friend,