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            Press Releases
                  Music by Adam’s Road™
                  The New Glue I Use
                  Peas In A Pod-Paper Puppet Kit
                  Puppets Invade BEA
                  Jack's Big Music Show Product
                  Puppet Stories on Activity TV
                  Behind Puppet Planet
                  Making a Panda Costume
                  Puppets on Film Workshop at Enzian
                  Orlando Puppet Workshops
                  John's New Book: Puppet Planet
                  Puppet Mania-Behind the scenes
                  1st Day of Puppetry at UCF
                  Making Dinosaurs At UCF
                  John is Guest of Honor at Megaplex 4!
                  UCF Dinos Part 2
                  New At Ballyhoo
                  Meeting Jack
                  Rent Bunnicula!
                  Barn Yard Jam Live at Artlando
            Puppet Stories
                  Arts & Activities Magazine Interview June 2000
                  Making Mac the Dog
                  Puppet Of The Week - Clock
                  Puppet Of The Week - Dog
                  Puppet Of The Week - Cat
                  Puppet Of The Week-String Bird
                  Puppet Of The Week - Cow
                  Puppet Of The Week-Foam Pig
                  Bloomin’ Puppetfest
                  Building Bunnicula
                  Banana Buddies
                  Making a Sheep Movie
            Reader Contributions
                  Puppet Kit Letters
                  Sock Puppy Surprise


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