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Characters by John Kennedy

The following characters were built by John Kennedy using many techniques. John likes to sculpt in foam rubber, airbrush the faces, and fabricate the bodies with soft materials. Some of his other characters require a complex molding process for a more realistic latex skin. A standard puppet takes John 10 days to build, however a lot of thought goes into designing John's creatures before he even begins the building process. The puppets represented here were not all designed by John. Though some came from John's imagination, others came from outside artists and some from real photos of people.
Animatronic Panda Costume This costume has eye blinks, a nose twitch, ear movement, and jaw movement via a radio control unit. The body and head is worn by a suit performer and is temperature controlled through a custom cool suit system.
Betty the Cat
Drew the Doodley Zoink
Body Puppet
Latex Man 1
Latex Man 2
Old Man
Goliath 12 foot tall Goliath rod puppet for short film.