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Sock Puppy Surprise

Recently we were surprised at to receive a wonderful email from a Puppet Mania fan. Mitchell Abes, a 6 year old from Atlanta, GA, sent us some pictures and background information about his two new Sock Puppy characters. Here they are and thank you, Mitchell, for sharing your art.

M&M, Mitchell, and Miss Poodle Miss Poodle (right): She has a favorite sport--shopping (like my sister and MOM!) She is very beautiful. Miss Poodle likes to eat sushi and dumplings and carrot cake. My sister helped make Miss Poodle.
You got any M&Ms? M&M: He really likes sports, especially soccer. He lives on my nightstand and sometimes he ends up sleeping on my hand all night! He likes to read books too. He likes to eat plants and hot dogs and M&Ms.
M&M and Mitchell If you have a new character that was inspired by Puppet Mania we'd love to see it. Please email your pictures and character descriptions to Thanks again, Mitchell!